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My name is Robert Rutler, I am owner and the sole proprietor of Razor Edged Instruments.

As a young man I was an electronic tech in the biomedical/scientific field. I repaired, maintained and customized all sorts of medical equipment at hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, veterinarians and assorted laboratories and research centers in Universities.

In 1987 in Sacramento, Ca I became employed by a business that repaired bio-medical equipment, and sharpened and repaired surgical instruments. I had not heard of surgical instrument sharpening prior to employment there, but found I was well suited for the craft. In 1989, I left that company to begin my own business where I was free to perform my craft in an ethical and honorable way, The territory I covered was the Hwy 101 corridor north of San Francisco. Though very successful for 5 years, my wife and I became concerned about where and how we were to raise our children. Consequently, we relocated our family and Razor Edged Instruments to majestic and rural Northern Idaho.

Upon moving to Northern Idaho, I quickly discovered that the state of Montana was very receptive to a sharpening service that performed onsite sharpening and repair services of very high standards and at competitive prices. The extensive mobile shop was contained in a large trailer. It permitted extensive and complicated instrument repair, onsite, by two highly skilled artisans. Sharpenings and repairs occurred between surgeries resulting in no practical downtime or shipping costs. We enjoyed a very loyal following and reputation by our customers, and we formed very close relationships with most of them.

I made my living specializing in sharpening and repairing of surgical and specialty instruments of all sorts. From general and delicate scissors, orthopedic instruments to neurological rongeurs, to precision micro-vascular and eye instruments that require a microscope to sharpen properly! Our prices are very competitive. Consistently, the savings hospitals enjoyed in instrument repair costs were significant enough so that the routine sharpening and maintenance expenses were negated.  Many of these customers would hold new instruments for sharpening by us before putting them into service due to the marked difference between our quality standards and the manufacturers.

Alas, we have culturally moved into a new era. One which the healthcare industry is founded upon collective planning, rather than by competition. Corporate sharpening services in the last couple of years have, through group contracts, successfully replaced the craftsman/artisans like myself that service major hospitals and surgery centers.

So, it’s time to diversify my markets.

For near 30 years now I have when asked, sharpened beauty shears for stylist that have brought their shears to me. These were always fun to sharpen. Though challenging at first to learn how to sharpen properly. When they got their shears back, accolaids and excitement were often expressed. Given this feedback and the uncertain future and my place in our healthcare system, I have decided to diversify my skills to also effectively support stylists with the highest quality sharpening service they need to excel in their craft.

No matter which market your needs come from, I will restore your instruments to like new or higher standards.

In conclusion, this is very difficult to express properly in writing, so I will just say it.

With all humility,…… I am really very good at what I do.