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In 1987 I was introduced to the craft of professional sharpening, It only took a couple of months for that first beauty shear to end up in my hands for sharpening. That is in excess of 29 years now. True, the the focus of my craft has been sharpening surgical instruments. In spite of my failure to market this skill, stylists find me through word of mouth. They continue bringing their shears to my bench for sharpening. Some I have seen every 6 months for over a decade now.

Modern beauty shears are a unique kind of shear. They require specialized equipment and knowledge to lap/hone both sides of the edge properly. The inside ride line edge must be very thin, perfectly flat, true, and without abrasive scratch lines, flaws, or cannot be rounded from polishing to even the slightest degree. The concave edge on the other hand, must maintain the true cutting angle, and maintain the manufactures arch in the blade (often referred to as the 800mm radius, though modern shears often have many different degrees of radius arches). Furthermore, the outside edge must be rounded to maintain the convex shape.  I have this equipment, the skills and experience to produce an outstanding edge on these shears. Only the sharpening services that strive at attain perfection of their craft will invest in the facilities, support machinery, and practice to restore the shear’s edge to like new condition, or superior state. Those that master this skill are truly “Artisans” in the full sense of the word.

Now, anyone can make the claims I am making. I understand how skeptical stylists are regarding sharpening services unfamiliar to them. One amature or rookie mistake by a proud or cocky newbie will turn a $400 pair of shears into worthless scissors! I bought one of these ruined shears at a pawn shop for $6.00. Can you imagine then how much the stylist accepted for that shear? These very shears the stylist depend upon to earn their living. Many stylists have learned this truth the hard way. So, the proof of my skills is in the pudding, so to speak.

When I come into a salon for the first time, the first shear I sharpen is free! Give me that shear that the other guy ruined, or “won’t hold an edge anymore” if you wish. I will show you what I can do. Who has a shear to offer as the guinea pig for the salon? I know you are taking a risk with me and my talents, I won’t let you down. I routinely repair/rebuild and sharpen surgical scissors that exceed $1,000. Ones to be used in brain surgery, open heart surgery, spinal surgery, that if the cut fails or tears, the patient may suffer the rest of their life in pain, or with neuropathy. The quality of my work will/has directly affected many patient’s quality of life. Every edge must be perfect! I know how to respect the trust placed in my services. I won’t let you down.

Let’s get past this first skeptical stage, so that we can begin the long term confidence and trust we all enjoy so much with our favorite vendors/customers. I will accept the financial loss on the first sharpening for a salon. The first shear sharpened is free! Let’s call it a demo. The charge for sharpening a beauty shear is $30.00, Though, if the total number of shears in that salon to be sharpened exceeds 3 up to 6 shears, the price is reduced to $27.00 for each shear. If in that salon for that day there are between 7 to 10 shears  the price for each shear is only $24.00. In excess of 10 shears, everyone for that day in that salon will only be charged only 22.50 for each individual shear! I will charge each individual stylists for her shears, but everyone in that salon gets the discount prices for that day. If you have friends with shears that need sharpening, you may want to bring them in that day to help reduce everyone’s expenses!

Now for the fun part!….. Loaner Shears!

To encourage a more efficient method of sharpening (evenings and mornings to avoid conflict with customer contact and support), I offer loaner shears for you to use as I sharpen yours. I will have them for typically 1 day. You will have the entire day to try out something new and different if you wish, or accept a “quality workhorse shear” to get you by until yours is back. These shears come from the line of shears that I carry. You can choose your loaner from my display case. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a better quality shear than you are used to, or a different style of scissor to see if it will work for you. Take a look at our catalogue and find the pair you find interesting. If I don’t have it in the display case when I come to your salon, I will order one to have on hand, and you can use it by appointment.

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